Health Benefits of Eating on Banana Leaves

Health Benefits of Eating on Banana Leaves. Nothing beats the satisfaction of enjoying a sumptuous meal served on a large, greenish banana leaf. This not only adds to the taste and attracts the eye. But there are various other health benefits of eating served on banana leaves.

This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation in Indonesia for thousands of years. And now it’s also proving to be a healthy trend. Eating on banana leaves not only makes the food more flavorful, and environmentally friendly. But it is also more hygienic, practical and chemical-free.

Banana leaves are also rich in polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants also found in green tea. These polyphenols fight all the free radicals in the body and prevent various diseases.

Banana leaves also have special anti-bacterial properties that can kill germs in food and aid in proper digestion.

Banana leaves are very easy to clean. Just rinse a little and then dry. Banana leaves are environmentally friendly and easily decompose in a short time unlike plastic which takes at least a century to completely decompose. The large size of the banana leaf is an added advantage because it can accommodate a whole meal. In addition, banana leaves are able to hold water. That means banana leaves can be used as wet food wrappers.

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